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From 1994 thru 2010, KAB produced a line of modified Technics SL1200's designed and marketed to appeal to audiophiles. Though Technics left the turntable business in 2010, they returned in 2016, with 4 new turntables aimed at the audiophile markets. In 2019, Technics introduced 2 more models: the DJ SL-1200MK7 and the SL-1500C. With six new turntables ranging in price from $1000 to $20,000 Technics is poised to re-establish themselves as major analog players once again.

KAB Recommends that you buy your new Technics turntable from an authorized dealer. Authorized dealers can be found: here

   When you add the KAB Special Edition Mod Package to your new Technics turntable, the performance is elevated in a major way. Those familiar with our work will appreciate these additions. The Mod Package includes our new TD-1000 fluid damping system which further elevates the tonearm performance; The RC-1200 record clamp; A set of our best SpiralAir all Litz coaxial cables; And our top flight Ortofon/ Reloop Black 30 Integrated cartridge. Total value of these additions exceeds $663.00, you save $100 when you buy them all together.

   Here are a few reasons why Technics turntables are so darn good.

This servo drive system responds "just in time" to both static and dynamic stylus drag. It follows strong amplitudes so well that there are no audible changes in speed. The pitch of a loud crescendo stays constant as it fades away. The same cannot be said of many belt drive systems. This sort of sophisticated circuitry can be expensive to develop. But the best way to think about it is that it emulates a belt drive 'table with a very heavy platter.
And remember, the reason rumble is so low with Technics direct drive is precisely because of four things.
1. Rotation occurs at exact platter speed.
2. The power to the motor is infinitely controllable, and is very very low in normal use.
3. The power is applied at the most rigid part of the platter system: the spindle.
4. Unlike a belt drive system that tugs on the spindle bearing, direct drive systems have equal forces acting on the bearing resulting in longer life and much quieter bearing noise.

   The platters are made from cast aluminum, precision machined, and damped with hard rubber on the bottom . The top mat is 8 Oz. alone and is properly shaped to accept 45 rpm singles as well. 45's are thicker in the middle than on the groove surfaces and flat platter mats cannot support them properly.

   This tonearm is one of the great examples of the Gimbal Bearing system, the rotational center of which is precisely defined at one point. Designed at the height of the first audiophile revolution in the late '70's. When the demands were 3/4 gram tracking forces and the requirement to trace groove modulations to 45 Khz (remember CD-4?) The tonearm is a low - medium mass arm with precision bearings , polished to a finish of ± 0.5 microns, featuring 0.007 gram friction. All models offer an adjustable arm base for setting VTA and a locking lever keeps the base locked tight after adjustment. The solid brass counterweight is calibrated in grams, properly decoupled and has a nice solid feel to it. Adjustments are quick and reliable. Ditto for Anti-Skate which uses the progressive spring tension method. Easy to adjust, even when the record is playing.
One last thing, those audiophile pressings we so cherish? well many of them are cut on systems using the Technics SP-02 lathe platter drive system. How about that? You can search google to see who uses it. It's nice to know you can have a player that knowingly has something in common with the master disc!

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