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Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions
Distributed by Osage Audio Products, LLC

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Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions, developed by Paul Frumkin, are new and unique formulas for cleaning vinyl records. There are three formulas: the Enzymatic Formula, the Super Cleaner Formula, and the Premium Archivist Formula. These award-winning formulas were extensively tested by a group of vinyl-loving audiophiles from the Audiogon audiophile website. The group’s consensus was that Audio Intelligent’s formulas cleaned vinyl better than anything else they had tried and, in some cases, restoring LPs that were unlistenable even after repeated cleaning with other record cleaners. Some of their comments, and the comments of other customers as well, are quoted in the awards, reviews and feedback section. See what these vinyl-loving audiophiles have to say about Audio Intelligent!

Audio Intelligent offers four basic products: the Enzymatic Formula, the Super Cleaner Formula, the Premium Archivist Formula, and Ultra-Pure Water. All four products are available in both  16 ounce and 32 ounce sizes. When you buy ready-to-use products from Audio Intelligent, they are always made only with Ultra-Pure Water, which is produced using a 6 step process. The ready-to-use products come in 32 oz. HDPE (high density polyethylene) bottles, complete with flip-spout cap. Price & Purchase

Enzymatic Formula
The Enzymatic Formula breaks down protein contaminations which come from various sources, including from microbial action. Ordinary degreasers and cleaners are ineffective at breaking down these proteins, which is why your vinyl can still sound noisy after cleaning with single-formula record cleaners. Price & Purchase

Super Cleaner Formula
The Super Cleaner Formula cleans and degreases your vinyl, using a highly effective ingredient at a very low concentration. It is also a highly specific solvent of the Enzymatic Formula, helping to ensure that all traces of the Enzymatic Formula are safely removed from your vinyl. Price & Purchase

Premium Archivist Formula
The Premium Archivist Formula is an alcohol-free alternative to the Super Cleaner Formula.  This formula is safe to use on all records, including shellacs.   Like the Super Cleaner Formula, it uses a purpose-designed, highly effective ingredient at a very low concentration.  It breaks down any remaining residue from the first cleaning step and acts as a solvent for the Enzymatic Formula, ensuring that your record is completely clean and free of residue.Price & Purchase

Ultra-Pure Water

Using a third step with Ultra-Pure Water is optional, but it’s the best way of making sure there’s nothing on your vinyl but the music. You would have to distill water 47 times to obtain water as pure as Audio Intelligent’s Ultra-Pure Water! A final rinse with Audio Intelligent’s Ultra-Pure Water is the last word when it comes to achieving a quiet playback surface. Price & Purchase

Premium One-Step Formula No. 6

This formula is a one-step record cleaning solution that is residue-free and contains no alcohol.  Premium One-Step Formula No. 6 is a powerful, enzyme-based formulation that is also an effective pre-soak product.  It requires no rinsing and is safe for use on all records, including shellacs.  This formula is great for general cleaning and for those who do not want the bother of a 3 step record cleaning system. Price & Purchase

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