Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions
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Directions for Use

Basic Directions

1. If you can, remove excess dust by brush, vacuum or with compressed air. Apply the Enzymatic Formula, wetting the entire surface of the LP. Brush, and let the Enzymatic Formula remain on the LP for up to 1 minute. Brush again and remove with vacuum or lint-free cotton. For more difficult cases, the Enzymatic Formula may be left on the LP for up to 5 minutes, but don’t let it dry out, and add more if necessary to keep the LP wet.

2. Apply the Super Cleaner Formula or Premium Archivist Formula wetting the entire surface of the LP. Brush, and let the Super Cleaner Formula or Premium Archivist Formula remain on the LP for up to 2 minutes. Brush again and remove with vacuum or lint-free cotton.

3. (Optional) Rinse with Ultra-Pure Water or with steam-distilled water, brush, and remove with vacuum or lint-free cotton.

4. When using the Premium One-Step Formula No.6 product, follow the above instruction for preparation and cleaning.  This formula can also be used as a pre-soak for extremely dirty records.  To do this, place the record to be cleaned on the turntable of your RCM or on a lint-free cloth on a flat surface.  Liberally apply the cleaner to the surface of the record and carefully brush to cover the entire surface.  Let the record soak for 5 minutes or more, adding cleaner to keep the surface from drying.  This can be repeated if necessary.  Vacuum or wipe off cleaner when cleaning cycle is completed.

About Brushes

There are four basic kinds of brushes commonly used for cleaning LPs. Carbon fiber brushes, nylon brushes, foam brushes and brush-pads. Carbon fiber brushes are best used for dust removal, although some people use them with cleaning fluids as well. KAB reccomends a velvet pad like the Nitty Gritty RCB brushes for fluid application to get deep into the grooves. Our Discsweep brush is excellent for 78's as well as top side cleaning of LP's. The KAB Discsweep is good with the Enzyme cleaners as the first cleaning step. After a record is wet cleaned, use only a carbon fibre brush before playing to remove jacket lint.

Additional Directions

1. Do not mix the Enzymatic Formula and the Super Cleaner Formula together. They are meant to be used and kept separately.

2. Use separate brushes for each product you use. Don’t use natural bristle with the Enzymatic Formula.

3. Always store the formulas in their original bottles, which are made of HDPE (high density polyethylene). Avoid storing them in direct sunlight or in areas of high heat.

4. If cleaning using both Formulas, always use the Enzymatic Formula first.

5. Photography supply stores sell excellent lint-free cotton towels. If you do not have a vacuum record cleaning system, these towels are highly recommended. A second best alternate is lint-free toweling sold by kitchen supply stores. Lint-free woven cotton pads can also be used, but are not favored ... except when you have a really dirty LP, and then they make a logical choice to use for a first attempt at cleaning the LP.


The Super Cleaner Formula contains isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol). Isopropyl alcohol is flammable. However, the Super Cleaner Formula is not flammable and is exempt from D.O.T. 49CFR. Do not use near open flames or on very hot surfaces. Do not intentionally inhale its fumes. Keep both the Super Cleaner Formula and the Enzymatic Formula out of the reach of small children. Please read the warnings on the labels. The Super Cleaner Formula is not safe to use on 78s, acetates or shellac records. The Premium Archivist Formula is safe for all records including shellacs.

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