Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions
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Our Philosophy

Why Clean Your Vinyl?
The reason is simple: it lets you hear the music as it was intended to be heard. The music leaps from a blacker background. The tone of instruments and voices becomes more complex, more layered, and more life-like. The image of the sound stage becomes more focused, solid and precise. Subtle ambient clues are unlocked, revealing details of the venue and the players’ positional relationships. Not only will the instruments and voices which you knew were there gain in complexity and dimensionality, but you may also hear instruments and vocals which you never knew were there! At the same time, distracting and grating background noise, pops and clicks are reduced – sometimes even completely eliminated. Not infrequently, you will have been unaware that contaminants were in the way between you and the music. It will be as if a veil has been lifted, revealing to you all the vibrancy and immediacy of your recordings. Why clean your vinyl? Because it puts you back in touch with the music and lets you enjoy the full potential of your vinyl – the original and still the best high-resolution format.

Why a Two-Step Method?
Your vinyl can be subjected to many different kinds of contaminants. Some of these contaminants, such as silicone release compounds, can be on your vinyl when you open it for the first time. Other contaminants can result from environmental conditions, and still others come from everyday handling or the occasional mishap with foods and beverages. To make matters worse, microbes can thrive on these contaminants, and in their wake they leave behind their own contamination – hard protein chains. With such a wide variety of contaminants, it is not surprising that single-formula record cleaners so often fail to achieve the results you are looking for – just look at how many different cleaners you have under your bathroom or kitchen sink! This is why Audio Intelligent uses a two-step method. The first step is the application and removal of the Enzymatic Formula. The second step is the application and removal of the Super Cleaner Formula or alternatively, the Premium Archivist Formula.

Why an Ultra-Pure Water Rinse?
Although it is not required, some audiophiles go further and use a pure water rinse as a final step. For those who wish to use a pure water rinse, Audio Intelligent offers Ultra-Pure Water. Audio Intelligent’s Ultra-Pure Water is the last word in a pure water final rinse to make sure there’s nothing on your vinyl but the music.


Why Use the Enzymatic Formula First?
There are two reasons for why there is a specific order in using the Audio Intelligent products. First, the Super Cleaner Formula contains 10% lab grade isopropyl alcohol, and while isopropyl alcohol is an effective cleaner and degreaser, it can harden protein deposits on your vinyl. The Premium Archivist Formula contains no alcohol, so this is not an issue when choosing this formula as a second step. That is why we break down the protein deposits with the Enzymatic Formula in the first step before using the Super Cleaner Formula in the second step. Second, our goal is not only to clean the vinyl, but also to make sure that as little residue as possible is left on the vinyl’s surface. That’s why we use first a product with a higher concentration of non-water molecules (the Enzymatic Formula), and then use a product which has a much lower concentration of non-water molecules (the Super Cleaner Formula). The optional third step (a rinse with Ultra-Pure Water) uses a product which has zero non-water molecules.

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