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* * KAB Celebrates 30 Years Serving The Record Collector and Sound Enthusiast * *
Jan 1, 2022
Presidents Statement

Well, I would not have predicted the re introduction of the Technics SL-1200! let alone 5 additional models spanning the markets from the $1K MK7 to the $20K SL-1000R! But I did estimate that if they did decide to do it, it would be expensive. And I had that right. But performance wise, it really has not changed much. It looks like China now owns the DJ markets. There simply is no competing with that. So, as I have said each year here, the saving grace we have is that most of the original SL1200 parts are still available from Panasonic. We are starting to see some thinning out of some things, but functionally, it is still possible to keep your original 1200 operating in tip top shape.

I am happy to report that our SuperFlex tonearm wire has proven to be very succesful. As well our SpiralAir interconnects and SpiralVoice speaker cable are finding a place where good engineering meets affordable value.

Analog playback continues to be our main area of concentration. Analog appears to have established itself as the medium of true fidelity. With all the promise that digital offers, The mass public seems content to trade off fidelity for features. Alexander Graham Bell enjoyed better fidelity with his phone then most do today with digital cell phones. Compressed video and audio are the norm. And while all the features and interactivity are nice, some of us still want fidelity. We are beginning to see some DVD issues in true 2 channel, 24 bit/192kHZ, re-issues are rare, so if you collect music before 1985, you will continue to need a good turntable, cartridge and phono preamp.

KAB will continue to support analog reproduction. We seek to offer the best performing products commensurate with good value and consistency in manufacturing. We will continue to place a high value on specifications and build quality. You can get a million opinions on what something sounds like, but until you have performance metrics, you cannot know very much about true performance and build consistency. As I am fond of saying, "No two people hear the same thing, the same way, twice."
Buying an audio product based solely upon what someone else says it sounds like is no different really then just rolling dice.

Hearing something for yourself is the only meaningful subjective opinion that counts. And when that is not possible, specifications will stop you from making a move backwards. Never let someone tell you that specifications are meaningless. They are a contract between you and the maker. They insure that unit 1 is the same as unit 1000. And most of all, they insure that what you are getting is at least as good as what you already have.

There are growing reports that the current over use of personal communication devices is taking a toll on attention span. Some are recommending using these devices less. Our industry should encourage Listening as a good way to recharge the imagination and give it a break from all the things that interfere in our lives. Learning to listen again could be the spark that helps grow our hobby.

New Items Of Interest.
- SpiralAir Interconnects
- SuperFlex Tonearm Wire

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