Why does KAB require this information?

A referrer value is simply your browser echoing back our web address www.kabusa.com. In doing so, our server knows you are actually submitting a true order from and back to KAB. It protects our server and website from abuse by spammers. You can enable referrers for just KAB and that is our reccomendation.

How do I Enable Sending Referrers?

After enabling sending referrers in your firewall and/or browser, you may need to exit your browser for the settings to take effect.

If these instructions do not apply to the firewall or browser version you may be running, please consult your program's support documentation for additional assistance. Common Firewall Programs

Norton Internet Security

Go to Privacy Control > Advanced> Click on Add Site.

Add your URL (ie. example.com) and make sure everything is permitted.

Norton Personal

Some web pages require referrer information before allowing you to view their page. If you want to allow referrer information to pass to a particular web page, you must create a rule for it. To Create a Rule

Open Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall and choose one of the following:

In Norton Internet Security/Norton Personal Firewall 2003

Click Options > Internet Security or

Personal Firewall (This step is not always needed) and click the Web Content tab

In Norton Internet Security/Norton Personal Firewall 2004

Double-click Privacy Control

Click Advanced

Click Add Site (A new site/domain box appears)

Enter the name of the site that you want to receive the referrer information and click OK. In this example, it will be www.symantec.com. The site name appears in the left frame of the Options window. Click the name of the new site

Click the Global Settings tab

In the "Information about visited sites" section, clear "Use default settings"

Click Permit

Click OK to close the Options window


Go to Privacy > Surf > Information Hiding, and uncheck the "Last Web site visited" box.

Sygate Firewall

The free version of this firewall does not block sending referrers. The Pro version:

Click Tools > Options > Security

Ensure that 'enable stealth mode browsing' is unchecked.

Kerio Firewall 4

Turn ON the HTTP referrer under the privacy tab of web filtering.

Zone Alarm Pro

Under Options > Privacy Options, examine the site list.

Right click on "private header" column where www.wallfly.com is located.

From the menu, choose Options

On the first tab named "Cookies", remove checkmark on "third party cookies - remove private header information" Click OKAY


Right-click the red M icon.

Click Privacy Service.

Click Options.

The McAfee Privacy Service window appears. Click Cookies.

Enter each website address from which you would like to allow cookies.

Click Add.

Once completed, close the window

Common Browsers

It may only be necessary to enable sending referrers in your firewall program. If after completing the steps for your firewall program you still experience difficulty, you will need to complete the steps for your browser program as well. Internet Explorer 6

This can be done from the computer's Control Panel > Internet Options, or from within the browser Tools > Internet Options. Click Security.

Click Trusted Sites then Sites.

Add your website address in the box provided and click Add.

Uncheck the box that requires https verification.

Click the Privacy tab (Medium is an acceptable setting on the slider, but click Sites and again enter your website address)/ Now click Allow.

Click Apply.

* This has only altered settings for your website and this does not otherwise affect your browsing.

Firefox 1.0+

Type about:config in the URL address bar.

A large collection of alphabetically listed information will appear in the browser window.

Search for network.http.sendRefererHeader.

By default, this should be set at 2.

If it is set to 0 - which disables sending referrers - right click it, select Modify and enter 2 as the value.

If that doesn't work, try a value of 1


Sending referrers is enabled by default.

If you have disabled it, go to Tools > Preferences > Privacy and re-enable it.