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    Truly one of the best values in 2 speed turntables perhaps ever.
KAB's preowned Technics belt drive table will play all of your favorite records. And the auto shutoff feature is a blessing when you can't always be in the same room as the record player.

   Nothing extra to buy, Includes everything to play Lp's, and 45's Superb T4P tonearm requires no adjustments or settings. Setup is easy. Just attach the drive belt, plug in a cartridge and start playing records.

   All necessary cables are supplied. Includes a acrylic, hinged and or vinyl dust cover, belt, new connecting cables and an stereo cartridge with new diamond stylus.

Your turntable is carefully packed, double boxed and shipped UPS to you.

KAB expertly restores these turntables by cleaning, re lubricating and testing to ensure factory preformance. We then include new connecting cables, and a stereo phono cartridge with new diamnond stylus. New acrylic covers are no longer available and getting used covers in good shape is also unpredictable. Therefore, A new vinyl cover will be included with each table, either with or in place of the acrylic cover. The table is properly placed into a brand new box and expertly packed better than original factory.

This is a great value that cannot be matched in the new markets without spending tons more money. If you've had your fill of the current cheapy turntables, please give our 'tables your consideration. See our main turntable page if you need to bundle your turntable with a preamp if you need to connect to a computer or powered speakers.

Only $169

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  • 33 + 45 RPM
  • Belt Drive System
  • Belt: SJY90080-3
  • DC Servo Control
  • W&F 0.06%
  • Rumble -70dB
  • Tracking Accuracy
    2.3 degrees outside groove
    0.32 degrees inner groove
  • Effective Mass 13.5 grams
  • Dimensions 17 x 15 x 4"
  • Shipping Weight 15 Lbs

   The speed stability and rumble are impressively low for a turntable of this price, beating so-called hi end decks that sell for 2-3 times more.

   The tonearm features a true gimbal design with very low bearing friction and rigid construction and proper offset design. The cheapy tables do not even come close. [In fact the cheapy tables will actually damage your records because the arms are not of the correct geometry.] The body is made from molded engineering resins. The base is a special densely filled composite called TNRC sitting upon 4 spring loaded soft rubber footers. This is a true hi fi turntable that will get the best from your records.

Lastly the Audio Technica phono cartridge, from a trusted name in Hi Fi, features a spherical diamond stylus, not some cheap sapphire tip. It tracks your records at a kind 1.25 grams of force.

  • 180 day Warranty
  • Auto Shut-Off
  • Damped Cueing
  • Controls Outside Dustcover
  • 45 adapter
  • Cartridges
    Audio Technica 3482P or Equivalent

   The really great features to take note of with the SL-BD20 are, I believe, the ease of set up and the automatic tonearm return and shut off and the true hi fi nature of the design.

   There are no adjustments on the tonearm. The phono cartridges are designed to work in harmony with the arm and your records. Just plug in the appropriate cartridge, choose the speed and play your records. That's the beauty of the T4P system.

When the antique look wood box phonographs began appearing on the market in the late 90's, Panasonic was squeezed out of the market. At that time, $169.00 for an SL-BD20 seemed high compared to $89 for a cheapy. Now that more than a decade has passed, I think people are clamoring for a higher quality deck again. Our preowned Technics belt drives will help fill that desire.The short arms and cheap sapphire stylus of the wood box phonograph will destroy your records. The average cost for the wood box table today is $150. For nearly the same cost today, our preowned Technics will protect your records and get the very best sound from them. No CD player, no extras or addons, just a good reliable hi fi turntable.

KAB will warranty the deck to be free of functional defects for 180 days. But most parts are still available for these turntables, making servicing an economical alternative.


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