SL-1200 Internal 20V Regulator

1. Unplug AC power. Remove dust cover, platter mat and turntable platter.
2. Remove 5 screws retaining the plastic cover.
3. Refer to the figure below and locate the left side ground mounting screw.
Note there are 2 types of grounding lug. Shown is the PC style, there may be a stand-alone lug with a short black wire attached.

Important Note
Inspect the area of the chassis directly under the outline of the DC-1200 circuit board. If you see any stand up protrusions, you will need to place the thin cardboard sheet under the the DC-1200 to prevent shorting out on these stand up protrusions.

Locate and remove the 2 screws and clamp holding the original regulator power transistor. Cut the 3 wires where they attach to the transistor’s small circuit board. Using the screws supplied, install the DC-1200 board. The screws go through the top of the board, through the spacers, then through the original clamp and into the original transistor mounting position. Attach the wires as shown. Colors are likely correct, but instead, note the ID on the main motor board. Strip wires J1 and J3. Wire J2 is not reused.

Place J1 into the correct connector and tighten the screw. Just lightly snug. Do not over tighten. Attach the Ground wire supplied to terminal G and the main ground using the mounting screw in the bottom left of the main motor board. Each board is pre-tested but it is a good idea to test it before attaching J3. Turn the power on and confirm 20.5V between G and J3 on the terminal strip. Once confirmed, remove power and attach wire J3 to the terminal strip. If you are installing the PS1200GX now, route the supplied cable through the small hole in the metal plate opposite the AC cord.(see arrow in Main View Below) Place the positive (white stripe) lead into terminal EX and the remaining ground wire into terminal G sharing with the main ground wire.
Check Your Connections

Important Note
Never touch the start button with the platter removed.
This can damage the motor drive circuitry

MAIN VIEW DC1200 Internal Regulator

GROUND WIRE sx1200 mounting

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