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The Following Companies Offer Professional Audio Restoration Services

Precision Audio Restoration (206) 387-5662 Email to Precision Audio Restoration
15517 Dayton Av. N.
Shoreline, WA 98133
16, 33, 45, 78 (lateral & vertical; all equalization settings) records, 16" transcription records, tape (7-10"; 1-7/8 to 15ips), cassette, Elcaset, DCC, 8-track, minicassette, wire and Edison cylinder recordings can be restored to CD. Scratches, pops, clicks and tape hiss are removed, and jacket art can be scanned for the CD label (directly printed on the CD) and jewel case inserts. Recordings encoded with Dolby B and C, dbx, and CX can be decoded.

Southwest Video Inc.,
D. Briner Prop.
(941) 284-6418 Email to Southwest Video
P.O.Box 2133 Southwest Video offers Audio Recording, Sound Restoration, Music Vido Demo, Commercial Spots, Graphic Design, Aerial Photogoraphy.
Venice FL 34284

Trans-Audio Co. (408) 542-8420 Email to Trans-Audio Co
Professional transfers of LP 12", 10" & 7" 45's to CD-R. DBX encoded discs & cassette transfers too. Audio restoration upon request.
Sunnvale CA

Audio Restoration Services
Scott Taylor Prop.
(216) 433-1223 Email to Audio Restoration Svc.
13308 Enterprise Ave
Cleveland , OH 44135-5106
Scott Taylor has over 19 years of professional audio engineering experience in enhancing, clarifying, and restoring poorly recorded and damaged audio recordings. His specialties are clarifying poorly recorded dialog suffering from background noise, and restoring physically damaged tape recordings. These services have been provided to law enforcement agencies, medical transcription services, court reporters, law firms, and many others.

Audio Restoration Sciences
Bill Scheniman Dir.
868-326-3693 Email to Audio Restoration Svc.
215 Parkway North
Waterford, CT 06385
Audio Restoration Science group and Sonalysts, Inc. in Waterford, CT. can process all grooved media up to 16" transcriptions. any speed 16 to 96 RPM.

Rare Form Mastering 612.327.8750 Email to Rare Form Mastering

712 Ontario Avenue West
Minneapolis, MN 55403
Comprehensive audiophile mastering and restoration for commercial re-release or personal use. Most disc formats accepted. Speeds from 16 2/3 through 78+ rpm. Any size up to 16" transcription discs. Mono, stereo, CD-4, RCA, NAB, RIAA. Many analog and digital restoration options. Transfers to all high-resolution digital formats as well as ¼" and ½" analog tape. 25+ years experience..
MRM Audio 908-472-4634

North Central NJ
MRM Audio safely transfers your analog voice and music recordings to the digital format of your choice. Maybe you’ve unearthed an ancient reel-to-reel recording of you or a relative that hasn’t been played in years (or decades). Or perhaps you’ve recently dug up a mix tape you made back in the day for a girlfriend or boyfriend—the person you ended up marrying. Or let’s say you’re holding some rare vinyl that’s never been released on CD, and so you haven’t been able to get into its grooves since you gave your turntable to Goodwill. Whatever the recording or its value—sentimental, historical, musical—MRM Audio can resurrect the sound.

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