posted on analog discussion section 09-23-03

Subject: Linn Basik Tonearm - effective mass?

Hi, I need some quick help.
I'm in communication with Grado re: a woofer pumping problem I'm having with my set-up: Systemdek IIX, Grado Platinum, Linn Basik arm, Arcam A75 integrated, and B&W CM4's. I've tried all sorts of fixes without success and am ready to try a high pass filter. I have one on order from KAB which has a 15 day return policy so no great risk.

Anyway, Grado wants to know the exact effective mass for the Linn Basik arm to render their opinion and I just can't find it. Does anyone know? Thanks a whole lot in advance

--what followed were about 5 posts ranging from cartridge recommendations to head scratching. ---

---then a conclusion 09-25-03:

I don't know what the parameters ought to be. All I know is that with my current system woofer excursions happened. Previous to the Grado I had a Linn K9 cartridge mounted with no problem evident. Whether Grado is being straight up or passing the blame, I can't tell. When I inquired what the ideal arm mass should be for the Platinum cartridge, they responded 14-17 g. [KAB note, I believe Grado's recommendation here includes the cartridge weight.]

Nevertheless, the KAB RF-1 Rumble Filter arrived last night. It was breeze to set up. Best of all no woofer pumping and no discernible change in sound.