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Feb 13, 2022
Isonoe Feet New ecomical steel inserts for the sorbothane boots. New ART cartridge azimuth inspection gauge on accessories page

December 20, 2021
Isonoe Feet and accessories are back in stock.

October 5, 2021
Isonoe Feet and accessories are back in stock as are Ortofon STY30 styli.

June 10, 2021
New Technics parts: Reproduction pitch sliders for MK2-5 and LED pop up lights for MK2-6.KAB TECHNICS MAIN 1200 PAGE

November 19, 2020
Hi Fi Concordes are coming back thanks to a company called Reloop. Reloop is having Ortofon make the older Concorde cartridge for them. This move allows us to bring the Hi Fi Concordes back to the market. I have a limited quantity now but expect to be back to steady delivery in a week. More info here on the Ortofon Hi Fi Page.

October 3, 2020
I scored a limited stock of original NOS SL-1210M5G Headshells. These are the nickel silver ones with the removable 4 gram weight on top. See them on the main 1200 page .

September 15, 2020
PolyGlass Mats, Rumble Filters and Mono Switch boxes are back in stock. Just listed a 7 NOS ADC XLMII(6) and III(1) NOS phono cartridges featuring the Diamond/Sapphire bonded nude elliptical tip on the specials page. Also, added Nitty Gritty Pure 2 Concentrate to make 16 oz. Save on shipping cost by mixing it yourself. Order it on the Record Cleaner page.

August 6, 2020
Special sale on Ortofon A-40 Nude Elliptical Stylus.
Limited quantities on this nude elliptical stylus for the Concorde and the OM series. Also fits on 2M red, looks funny but plays fine. Check out the Ortofon Page.

March 30, 2020
KAB Is Open During the Covid-19 Crisis.
Unless something changes, there are currently no limitiations in place preventing us from shipping orders. There are some back orders however. Rumble filters and MSX-1 mono switch boxes are on back order waiting for a chassis re-stocking order hopefully due in about 2 weeks.

March 21, 2020
The new PS1200GXL is now available. This new outboard power supply for your vintage SL1200/1210 now features an all linear design. Gone is the switchmode power pak. In its place is a new hi efficiency AC power pak. These new transformers continue to meet level VI efficiency standards. And being completely linear, they are completely quiet electrically. An upgrade kit is available as well. More Info Here.

March 18, 2020
Stylus Minder™ hour meter is available now. More Info Here. Also, the SL-1500C is now available in silver and black and is shipping with our SuperOM30 cartridge instead of the lesser 2M Red. The 2M Reds will be available on the specials page for $75 ea. One is there now.

February 12, 2020
SL1200 Dust Cover Hinges are back! After a long hiatus and some arm twisting over at Panasonic, hinges are once again available as a replacement part. This happened back in 1998 when they introduced the M3D model. So it is not surprising that it happened again.

January 22, 2020

New For 2020!
With 2020 comes a new Record Doctor from Audio Advisor, and with that a new KAB Gliding Platter kit. Having an aluminum case, the new Gliding Platter includes a poly slip sheet to protect the aluminum housing. Also KAB will introduce the Stylus Minder™ Hour Meter. A battery operated hour meter that can record over 1000 hours for the purpose of keeping tabs on phono cartridge stylus wear. More Info Here.

October 13, 2019

SL-1200GR Tonearm Fits Vintage Models!
I have begun working up the process for offering rewire mods for the GR models and was surprised to learn that the GR toneam will in fact fit on a vintage MK2 arm base. Unfortunately, the GR tonearm is priced a bit to high at $650.00 This is because Technics no longer breaks the arm into its constituent parts but instead makes you buy the entire arm, base and trim ring. The good new is that it looks like the MK7 arms will fit as well, and they are less expensive at $320.00 that's more than competitive with the average price of a NOS MK2 arm which is currently around $400 and in very short supply.

October 11, 2019
Custom 78 RPM styli are back for the Stanton 500, but in very small quantities so if you are in need of one, get it now. Also, The DIN plate for the SL1200MK2 series is back in stock as well.

September 1, 2019
The first Technics SL-1500C Special Edition turntable is here. KAB is back with a fully modded new Technics turntable. We chose the 1500C because it falls in a good price range and has laudible features like auto lift and a high quality built in phono preamp. We rewired the arm with SuperFlex Litz, added fluid damping, our RC-1200 record clamp and a set of SpiralAir all Litz coaxial cables. It comes with an Ortofon 2M Red, but we can swap that out for any one of our top performing Ortofons as well.

July 17, 2019
Finally, head shell washers are here! Neoprene die cut washers for all your headshells that are worn out or missing them. See them on the accessories page here.

May 16, 2019
Nitty Gritty Pure 2 Vinyl Cleaner Concentrate is here at a great price. Just add to a gallon of distilled water and your done. Just 16oz so it ships at a good price as well. See it here.

July 26, 2018
A new thinner replacement platter bearing thrust plate is available now for the really old 1200's 1979-1984. These units need more clearance because of a plastic gear and netal retaining clip. See it here. Also in stock now we have reproduction black pitch control decals on the main SL1200 page.

June 12, 2018
Nitty Gritty has re-opened their doors and we now have stock on maintenance parts and FirstRV Fluid. Also, Panasonic has now liquidated all parts for the original SL1200 turntables. I was fortunate to be able to get some of those parts. Pitch controls, original feet, and pop up lamps. Parts are listed on the main SL1200 page and will sell until they sell out.

April 27, 2018
The new fluid damper is now available for the new 1200's. The TD-1000, available in anodized black and silver is named after the flagship SL-1000R table due out in June. The TD-1000 will fit all GAE, G and GR models. All top flight arms use fluid damping to achieve superior groove holding performance. Now your new Technics table can have this desirable feature. See it here.

Dec 8, 2017
The platter spindle assembly is no longer available. Making preservation of the stock spindle a neccessity. KAB has produced a new motor spindle thrust plate made from solid Delrin-AF. Details here. Delrin-AF is a Teflon filled copolymer with a very low coefficient of friction. Studies show that the stock thrust pad begins to wear almost imediately and with time produces a deep dent in the pad. With enough time the pad will tear exposing the spindle to bare metal. This is a maintenance part that all owners should have, even if they don't install it right away.

Oct 18, 2017
New laminated glass platter now available. Details on main 1200 page. Obtained a new SL1200GR tonearm($625 retail). Beginning to evaluate for TD1200 damping system. Surprised to find that the GR arm is using the old tinplated wire - same as older MK2's. So rewire process will also be evaluated, since tin plated copper robs the sound stage of top octave detail.

Aug 11, 2017
New reproduction SL-1200 MK2 Power knob and shaft now available on the main 1200 page. After 39 years, Nitty Gritty Inc, has closed it's doors. KAB hopes to be able to continue supporting the existing machines with some parts and accessories. More to follow. The EV-1 will continue to be manufactured.

May 22, 2017
New brass weights for heavy cartridges and headshells on your SL-1200. There's even a calculator there to help figure out what weights you need to get. m1200.htm#auxwt

Feb 19, 2017
I have further improved the SL1200 tonearm with a new super soft thin wall rubber arm liner. This thin wall material weighs only 3 grams and adds just one half gram to the counterweight setting. But the job it does deadening the arm tube is amazing. This is listed on the Main 1200 page and will be included with the rewire kits from now on. Technics did introduce a non signature model called the SL-1200G. Identical to the GAE.. Coming in June a scaled back version, the SL1200GR will feature a lighter chassi, 27 pounds vs 40 pounds for the top model. Aluminum arm wand vs Magnesium. And a somewhat simpler coreless motor with the magnet reappearing as a fixed part of the platter. overall the look is the same. This model is targeted at under $2k. I have also decided to let my stock of SL1210 top plates go. They can be found on the main 1200 page as well. So it you were looking to do a factory stock restoration, this could be a part you might need.

Aug 9, 2016
Just listed two new refurbished Technics tables. SL-DD22 Semi Automatic direct drive and SL-BD35 Fully Automatic belt drive. Read about them here on the turntable page.
On the SL-1200 parts front, the black tonearms have been discontinued. Silver arms remain available. Found a high damping pvc rubber washer that can be used to compensate for when the stock footers collapse. This happens over time especially the footer under the transformer in the rear left. On the New SL1200GAE front, Technics tweeted last week that the last and final limited edition model has been shipped, serial # 1200. Now we wait to see if this model finds its way into general production in the fall-winter.

June 28, 2016
Here is a video of a German store unpacking their demo unit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuuZOb20_T0 Now, they used to place a tie wrap around the arm and arm lock. It is upsetting to see that small but important detail missing from this very expensive re launch. Here is yet another video from Technics explaining the relaunch of the entire brand. Discussion of the turntable begins at 9:50

June 18, 2016
KAB Poly-Metal Mat is available now. This new mat from KAB consists of a laser cut aluminum disc dampened on both sides with a clear PVC substrate. While this can be used alone, it was designed to be used with the Technics thinner mat (RGS0008) to make up for the missing weight and height of the original thick mat (RGS0010A) Our new Poly-Metal mat is 1/8" thick, 11.5625" diameter and over 8 oz in weight. Compare with IsoPlat mat and other exotica. Find it on the Main 1200 page. On the SL1200GAE front, I see a spec sheet has been officially announced here. It is interesting to note that they are the same as our beloved original. But suspiciously missing is the free spinning FG servo W&F spec, which on our beloved original deck is 0.01%. Makes me wonder why it is not listed. I was expecting the new design to surpass the older model.

Mar 06, 2016
Clearance on older style Grado wood body statement and reference series on our Special Page.

Mar 03, 2016
The New Technics SL-1200GAE is coming. you have probably read all about it by now. Demo units are beginning to show up at dealers. In speaking with the Technics Rep, here is the new Technics Story. Technics is relaunching as a Hi End Audiophile Company. For the time being, the new product line -including the turntable- will only be available from brick and mortar, established hi end shops. As of last week, Technics had 17 dealers country wide. Mail order and big discounters like guitar center etc will not have access to this product line. Neither will KAB. I am hoping to somehow earn an exception based on all the effort we have expended actually building hi end recognition for the original table. But no matter how this hashes out, so long as most important parts are still available for the original, I see every reason to keep things just as they are. For until we see a complete spec sheet for this "new" 'table, There is no evidence that it is any "better" than a fully tricked out KAB SL1200 MK2.

Nov 9, 2015
TD1200 fluid damping systems are back in stock. Thanks for waiting.TD1200

Sept 1, 2015
Technics/Panasonic hints at introduction of a new turntable!
here. and here
If this follows in line with the new items already introduced under the new Technics brand, it will give them
an opportunity to reintroduce a turntable at a more competitive (read expensive) price point.

June 20, 2015
Now available, 25 and 50 percent ultra pitch mods for your 1200.

April 20, 2015
I have on consignment, one Stanton 981HZS listed

March 17, 2015
Technics Headshell hardware and overhang gauge are back!

Find them on the main 1200 page here.

February 25, 2015
Technics Super Mat is back!

After alot of effort, Pansonic managed to find a limited quantity of original MK2 mats and KAB has them now.
Find them on the main 1200 page here.

February 12, 2015
New Headshell Leads

New headshell leads from Ortofon LW-6N. These are very nice leads that feature 6 nines pure copper stranding on heavy gold plated clips that fit Technics headshells perfectly. Approx 1-1/2 inch long. Find them on the main 1200 page here.
February 12, 2015
New Cardas Solder

Just added Cardas quad eutectic solder in 2 sazes along with solder flux. Find them on the KAB cable page here.

January 22, 2015
Happy Newyear

ADC Astrion. I just came into a small stock of ADC Astrion cartridges. These are unique in that they feature a sapphire rod cantilever and nude hyper elliptical stylus tip. They are NOS, but I do not have original packaging. They will ship in a velvet clamshell with a headshell and hardware. Click here if interested. ADC Astrion

August 22, 2014
Wire News

KAB Introduces the new SuperFlex copper Litz tonearm wire. Finally, tonearm wire made by someone who actually wires tonearms!read more here

August 11, 2014
Wire News

KAB Introduces the new "SpiralAir" interconnect. This interconnect features a very low dielectric constant with true coaxial design and a unique spiraling litz shield by Cardas. Connectors are all copper ETI. Please read more here. A 3 ft pair weights just 3 ounces !

July 23, 2014
Wire News

Furukawa, makers of PCOCC continuous cast long crystal copper has quietly left the market citing poor sales.http://www.furukawa.co.jp/english/what/2013/ene_130304.htmPCOCC only certified to the copper ingot or rod. It was never stated how drawing and annealing wire from that ingot altered the crystal structure, but it most certainly would. Fact is low crystal count does not guarantee a better wire with respect to actual resistance. Ironically, OFHC copper does not have as low a resistivity as electrical transmission grade copper. Go Figure?
SL1200 News
Now available, a half speed mod that will enable your 1200 to run at 16.66, 22.5, 33.33, and 45. To be followed shortly by a 50% pitch mod which will give the stock pitch control a very wide range of operation. This will finally give the 1200 speed control features that until now, could only be found on competing dj decks.

APR 30, 2014

New custom styli for Stanton 500 are back in stock. 2.3, 2.8 and 3.3 truncated ellipticals. Expert stylus retipped on D1507 original Pickering headers.

FEB 3, 2014

Just finished re working the cable page. Just introduced our version of Cardas Twinlink. If you ever wanted to try Litz cable in your speaker system, this could be a good and economical way to do it. 12 guage, 67 litz strands per wire. This is a really nice cable. Available terminated or in bulk.

Custom 78 Styli Returning.
I have scored a small quantity of D1507 Pickering Styli. Exactly the same stylus as the D5107 we used for our custom 78 styli and fit all Stanton 500 cartidges. Not going crazy with sizes. I will offer my most popular sizes 2.3TE, 3.3TE and 3.5TE. Hope to have these back from Expert Stylus UK in about 8 weeks. The webpage will update at that time. Also scored a small quantity of Stanton 500 cartridges. 520V3's. These are backward compatible with all Stanotn 500 styli.

AUG 27, 2013

With the introduction of the Audio Advisor's Record Doctor V, no longer made by Nitty Gritty, A custom platter is required to accomodate the different dimensions of this cleaner. That has been taken care of and is available on the main record cleaner page. record cleaner page.

New SL-1200 Repro Pitch PC Board
As part of our Repro PCB line for the SL-1200, a new pitch control PCB. This fits all MK2-MK6 and offers several new features. New Gain and LED briteness controls, mounted on the back side of the PCB. Also, an optional lamp throbbing circuit. This changes the indicator. from solid to throbbing when the slider is in use. very cool looking in the dark. This board will be available in about 1 week.

JUN 06, 2013

A suprising find has landed a large quantity of these styli on our doorstep. Same price as when they were discontinued. 2.7mil 3-7 gram tracking, black body with the blue square in original Stanton cubes. Find them on our stanton hi fi page.
If you find your hard drive spinning up every 10 minutes, I may have found the reason and the cure. A little MS service called Superfetch. This service monitors your computer use and pre loads programs into memory in advance of your needing them. It's good intention is to speed up loading. Unfortunately, overtime it appears to get overly aggressive. Our hard drive was spinning every 5-10 minutes. I thought I had a virus! It was very difficult to pin down since it runs in the background and is not identifed by name. Anyway, if you experience this kind of behaviour and want to stop it. here is how: http://www.addictivetips.com/windows-tips/disable-windows-7-superfetch/Now my PC has a peaceful hard drive and frankly, I only experience better performance.

MAY 11, 2013

I am happy to report that all hinge and lamp back orders are now filled and shipping out. Also introducing new DJ interconnects for the 1200. Nicely fabricated with nylon mesh wrap. Pre wired to our new phono PC board ready to drop in. Molded gold plated connectors similar to M5G style fit import mixers reliably without stress.

MARCH 13, 2013

I am happy to report that SFW0010 is back in stock. This is the original oil from the very same MFG that Panasonic supplied. Find it on the Main 1200 page.

JANUARY 25, 2013
NEW SL1200 Phono Circuit Board

Now in stock, KAB Reproduction Phono Circuit Board. This is the board that connects to the tonearm wires and the exit cable. Our board features wider traces and full size solder pads. The board uses double sided metal with interconnecing vias. the solder pads feature plated through holes. Find it on the Main 1200 page.

JANUARY 7, 2013

2 new jico styli are in stock. D81E Elliptical for 881, 981. CS100, XSV3000, 5000. and a new DJ stylus Pickering D150DJ spherical stylus for all Stanton 680 series including 680 HP. The Pickering design grips the cartridge body better. If I could get all replacements this way, I would.

DECEMBER 15, 2012

For the SL1200, A new 20V internal voltage regulator board is now available. This improves power delivery, and has an optional transfer relay for switching between the stock supply and an external power supply. Makes power supply repairs easy as well www.kabusa.com/DC1200.htm Also, coming soon a new reproduction phono cable PC board. This board is more robust than the stock one. It features double sided traces with via's to enhance copper trace conductivity and a simple jumper position to make a proper internal ground for those wanting to eliminate the extra ground wire.

NOVEMBER 28, 2012

For the SL1200, About a year ago the MK2 power knob was put on the obsolete deactivated list. Since then, several companies stepped in to make reproduction parts. I am happy to report that Panasonic has reactivated the part and it is once again available. www.kabusa.com/m1200.htm#parts

NOVEMBER 13, 2012

For the SL1200, I am now offering a reproduction strobe LED printed circuit board. The PCB makes repairs easy and makes changing LED colors easier without fear of butchering the original PCB. www.kabusa.com/m1200.htm#parts

Also, with Trends HK decision to sell direct in the USA on Amazon, KAB is selling remaining stock of Trends Amps and Tube Preamps at very low prices. Check it out, only a few left. trends.htm

OCTOBER 1, 2012

For the SL1200, I am now offering a precut wire set for rewiring the arm tube. The wires are precut, pretinned and graphite coated. You can find the kit on the main 1200 page in the Cardas wire section. www.kabusa.com/m1200.htm

SEPTEMBER 15, 2012

I just got some new Cardas cable in stock. This is the all litz coax interconnect. Unique in that not only is the center conductor litz, but so is the shield!
It has an outside diameter of 0.180". 21.5 AWG Cardas golden ratio litz copper conductor insulated with 0.015" of FEP. Double braided cotton filler. Litz spiral shield. Final jacket is 0.025" Blue PVC. I have it in bulk and also in 3 and 6 ft interconnects. Excellent for turntables and line level connections. www.kabusa.com/wirewin.htm

AUGUST 7, 2012

I have been doing tests on platter magnets and it seems that they vary in strength. I am still studying the significance of this and whether weak magnets should be recharged. Normally, ceramic magnets should not lose thier strength over time. And I am finding that older magnets show higher levels of flux than newer ones. So that means they shipped this way. More on this with time. The main thing I wanted to share is the magnet alignment. In swapping some magnets, I found that if you are not careful to align them, you can throw the speed stability (flutter) off by as much as 50%. That can be significant. So i added an entry on the service tips page to show how to do this. If you purchased an aftermarket platter and had to move your old magnet on to the new platter, be sure to check this page. Hopefully the platter maker paid attention to this detail.

JUNE 27, 2012

I am happy to report that I now have stock on our newest Grado custom entry. Our custom Grado Prestige Gold features a Paratrace nude line contact diamond. the dimensions are 0.2 x 0.66 x 1.0 mil. This line contact diamond will finally allow Grado's well known depth and spatial detail to be matched with a significant improvement in musical definition and harmonic overone detail. Detail that a common elliptical cannot produce. The line contact extends diamond life and reduces record wear as well. Order here.

MARCH 08, 2012

New stock has arrived in walnut, cherry, and mahogany. I have discontinued Maple for now due to lack of interest. The Mahogany has a deep red finish. I have just 2 of them for starters. Unfortunately, one got dinged in shipping. So it is on the specials page at a very low price. I will try to get pictures soon.

SEPT 23, 2011

A further sign of the times, Stanon exits the hifi market completely with the discontinuance of the legendary 681EEE. the cartridge that , in its day, set standards of performace. KAB hopes to be able to return these cartridges to the market by utilizing the DJ counterpart and a JICO stylus. There is simply no reason to let the "Stanton Sound" escape from the world. Not yet anyway.

On the new products front, I have expanded our Great Sound Escorts lineup with the new CerMag ceramic to magnetic cartridge level convertor. This lets you use an older phonograph that has a ceramic of crystal cartridge with a modern MM phono preamp.

On the 1200 front, I continue to do all of the KAB mods to pre owned sets. So feel free to continue sending the work our way. I appreciate it. I continue to accumulate parts to eventually introduce Like New refurbished 1200's. These will be SL1210 MK2 Black units with at least a few important mods added. On the main 1200 page I have added a service section. If anyone has tales of troubleshooting they would like to see there just let me know. I will be adding to that section on a continual basis as I encounter sets that need service. That, to be frank, doesn't happen that often.

Lastly, I see Goldring and Ortofon cartridges are in the audio press lately. Keep us in mind as we stock Goldring and our Custom Ortofons outperform the current lineup.

APR 18, 2011

Dec 7 2010 Panasonic officially announces the Sl1200 production will cease. In reality, it looks like September was the last production month for this turntable. On a similar note, the Vestax BDT2600 has also been discontinued along with our own Transciber II table which was based on the Vestax model.

KAB introduces the RSX-1 Remote Analog Switch. This bi directional switch lets you control 2 sources using a wired battery operated remoted. This lets you connect the switch with very short leads, and locate the controller anywhere it is convenient. The RSX-1 can also be configured to do mono/stereo switching.

AUG 07, 2010

It has been discovered that beginning in 2009 and perhaps some of 2008, Technics incorporated a change in the interconnect cable used in all MK2 and MK5 product designations. This new cable has an unacceptably high overall capacitance of 325pF. This will alter the HF response of most high output cartridges. A full report on this can be found here: www.kabusa.com./production_rpt.htm. This has no affect on M5G or KAB Cardas rewires. It also has no affect on KAB stock 1200's because I am replacing these cables with NOS 120pF cables as required. This is only an issue with 1200's bought everywhere else. This likely explains the results of the Sound and Vision online shootout between the 1200 MK2, Rega and Music Hall tables.

JUN 16, 2010

First entry at new price. SL1200MK5 Silver now $789.00

Update on Isoplat Mat support. There is controversy over whether a mat should extend over the raised edge of the 1200 platter, or nestle just inside it.
I have always felt that to get maximum affect in reducing ringing, the mat must impress its weight into the outer most edge of the platter IE extend over the raised edge. My Isoplat is one of the larger ones that extends over the edge. I took one of my SpeedStrobe discs, which is a 20 mil PVC disc and placed it beneath the Isoplat. In this way, the weight of the mat now covers most of the platters flat surface and does not touch the raised edge. With this arrangement, the platter begins to show signs of ringing. So I stand by my original belief that it is better to have the mat extend onto the raised edge. As to the small air gap between the mat and the platter, I think it is a fair trade off IE the platter is more stable IE freedom from ringing. In fact it adds a very small amount of flex to the mat which actually helps when clamping a record. Some hi end platters, like the original Well Tempered turntable actually machined the platter to be slightly concave heading in torwards the center. They did this so that when you clamped the record, there was greater assurance that the outer edge of the disc would contact the platter. The air gap is only 13 thousands of one inch!

MAY 15, 2010

Just received official notice of coming June price increases, so it would appear that there is no immediate plan to stop making these.
Effective June 1st, Panasonic will be revising prices on the following turntable models as noted below:

             Current SRP New SRP
SL-1210MG5   $899.95     $1,099.95 
SL-1210MK5 $749.95 $899.95
SL-1200MK5 $749.95 $899.95
SL-1200MK2 $649.95 $849.95
SL-1200MK2PK $649.95 $849.95

No one knows how this will affect dealer cost. There was a $100 wholesale increase in Apr 2009, and I am bracing for another one come June. I have seen few discounters these days, and many suppliers are gouging. I will try to keep my prices as fair as possible. But at the same time, I cannot afford to become the cheapest supplier as that will deplete stock to quickly with little return. So pricing is likely to become more volatile as time goes forward.
Recently, I have been criticized for my current pricing. From my check of the web, our prices are still very competitive. There is an old page on Panasonic's website that is being quoted. this is the current page: http://www2.panasonic.com/consumer-electronics/shop/Audio/Technics-DJ/Technics-Analog-Turntables.list.75042_11002_7000000000000005702 Even with the added inspections and addons, KAB prices remain well below MSRP.

APR 28, 2010

Technics Feb / March Production. Just wanted to report that I have received inventory of Silver SL-1200 MK2's with date codes for February and March 2010. This confirms monthly factory production. This too is a good sign of demand.

APR 22, 2010

Technics March Production. Just wanted to report that I have received inventory M5G's with date codes for March 2010. This would seem to be a good sign.

Great Stereophile review on the new Music Hall Headphone/linestage PH25.2's in. Super hybrid tube design including a high quality ALPS level control. If you are looking for a really great 2 input active linestage you should give this a try. I am using it now in the house system and it really sounds nice.www.kabusa.com/process.htm

MAR 31, 2010

Technics January Production. Just wanted to report that I have received inventory MK5's and M5G's with date codes for January 2010. This would seem to be a good sign. KAB Welcomes Grado Laboratories to the lineup. grado

MAR 18, 2010

Technics January Production. Just wanted to report that I have received inventory now with date codes for January 2010. This would seem to be a good sign.

JAN 08, 2010

Help! Stereophile subscribers: I am looking for a copy of Stereophile; Musical Fidelity M1 turntable & SME M2 tonearm ($5600; reviewed by Michael Fremer, Vol.27 No.3, March 2004. Just a copy of the column would be fine. I just need to confirm a few quoted measurments from this column. Thanks.

DEC 14, 2009

The new version of the RC1200 record clamp for Technics turntables is available. It is a push-to-clamp, turn-to-lock style that is very easy to use and effective. It requires no dissasembly, can be used with one hand and is almost half the price of the previous design. Click here for more info.

NOV 30, 2009

Technics 1200 Discontinued? Simple word no! Read Here http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=191977045775

Oct 24, 2009

New for the '1200 tonearm is our Rresonance Cap. This is a simple device that screws into the back of the arm where the aux weight goes. The metal flange where the aux weight attaches will "ring" if you tap the arm. If you already use the aux weight, then you are covered, if not, then our resonance cap is a light weight solution. www.kabusa.com/m1200.htm

Just got the new Music Hall Headphone/linestage PH25.2's in. If you were looking for the Shanling PH3000, well here it is back -identical in every way- including the high quality ALPS level control, just branded under the Music Hall Brand. If you are looking for a really great 2 input active linestage you should give this a try. I am using it now in the house system and it really sounds nice.www.kabusa.com/process.htm

The New Bellari MT502 Hi End Moving Coil Step Up Transformer is here. Find it on the Phono preamp page in the MC step up section.

Big clearance sale on Shure Professional earphones. Only have a few of each model. Click Here For Shure Earphone Page
With all the talk about spindle bearings I was reminded of a call I got from a DJ who did lots of mobile work and as a result, his equipment did lots of traveling. Rough handling was causing damage to the spindle thrust plate. His request from me was to make a beefier stronger plate. The solution was actually much easier and cheaper. Wax!. There is a stationer's wax called electro stik, out of production now I think, but still available. It is a pliable wax that is just the right firmness for this application. You just insert it in the gap between the thrust plate and the well in the bottom of the table. Press the assembly into the wax and you have a perfect support for the thrust plate. There may be benefits sonically as well. I have listed the wax on the master 1200 page

Oct 2, 2009

I am seeing lots of discussion on platter mats and I wanted to clarify some things. First some observations on the '1200 platter and the raised outer edge. The outer edge is raised only slightly, about 0.008 inch. The purpose of this is to ensure that the rubber mat puts some pressure on the outside edge. If you take the platter off, hold it in by the magnet below and strike it, it will ring. The only way to stop the ringing effectively is to grab the outside edge, touching anywhere inside that perimiter, is not effective. I have never suggested that mats should fit inside this edge, on the contrary, mats should fit over and onto this edge. So far the best system I have seen is the SDS Isoplat Mat 295mm and the thin tecnnics stock mat. these 2 give good overall mat height and stop all ringing. Do not use mats that are under cut, and always remember that you need a fair amount of weight as well to control the resonance in this platter.

Also, I have quite a few nice circular bubble levels left over from the previous record clamp design. These require a 7/8" hole and may make a useful add on to a custom turntable, use your imagination. Heres a pix.http://www.mcmaster.com/catalog/115/gfx/large/22325ap1l.gif They are listed on the specials page. www.kabusa.com/specials.htm

Sept 16, 2009

PS-1200GX is a new design for our SL-1200 external power supply. This new design acheives the following:

The new PS-1200GX is just another example of how KAB makes the 1200 performance better while keeping things affordable. There seems to be a subtrend forming promoting very expensive power supplies and tonearms etc. Just saw a new spindle bearing with an estimated cost of $425. Wow! It's nice to see more people showing an interest in the '1200. I wish them well in their endeavors.

The low down on the new PS1200GX is that instead of putting everything in one box, I have separated the AC from the DC. The AC portion now handled by a fully certified internationally approved switching wall mount power supply. The nice thing here is these work on any line voltage and frequency and have all the required approvals. Getting approvals on a custom product can be expensive so this is a good way to handle it. Now you will likely hear all sorts of negative comments about switchers, but the fact is they are everywhere now, required by law to meet certain efficiency standards. You will hear things about switching noise. Well I have used this particular switcher on my top phono stage which also has a choke input filter in it, and the low level noise measured on the MC stage remains 180uV just as it was with the linear power supply. So what that tells me is that with the appropriate DC conditioning, you can use a switcher without any disadvantage.
So I knew that I would need to develop a separate DC power conditioner. I knew it would include a choke input with large capacitor resevoir. That alone gets the residual noise down to < 2 mV. But I wanted to beat that so I kept digging and with the research I found a neat circuit called a bridge shunt noise canceller. This filter removes another 20-30dB of noise and it does it with little power and no voltage drop of it's own. It is very cool!
You see, with this whole efficiency thing going on, there are lots of companies out there doing research and the info is readily available if you take the time to look for it. So now I am seeing residual PS noise of under 200uV. I was floored that this was even possible. I am glad I did not try to stick stubbornly to the more conventional approaches, because by insisting on a different way, and doing the hard work, I found a much better way to do it and you get a better power supply for even less money.

Lastly, The GX is not intended as an upgrade to the previous design. The original PS-1200 remains a great source of clean power for your 1200. But if you do decide to replace an older PS1200 with the GX, the existing cables are fully compatible. PS-1200GX

Aug 23, 2009

Just added 3 new Aphex products. The 124A single ended to balance convertor. This is the ideal device to make the single ended to balanced conversion. I use it to make the conversion and drive a long line across the room to the balanced inputs on a Marchand EQ. The 120A is a single channel distribution amp. Basically a mixer in reverse. Good for when you need to send the same signal to 4 different destinations. And finally, the 454 headpod headphone amp. This very high quality headphone amp with 4 stereo outputs each with their own level control. All 3 on the sound process page.

Also, this is a reminder that there is a fully modded SL-1210 M5G on the specials page at a really good price.
Worth snapping up before the big price increase goes into affect.

Aug 14, 2009

Redesigned our popular USA record grip to a more refined larger footprint record clamp.
Finally got the Stanton HZS and LZS Cartridge bodies and compete cartridges up on the stanton hi fi page in the specials sub section. I only have a few of each of these.
The circuit boards are back for the new PS-1200 and the chassi's should be here in about 4 weeks. It will be nice to have a PS unit with all international certifications that can work anywhere and do the job while dissipating 1/4th as much power as the prior design.

Jun 7, 2009
Trends Audio
With a new look for the home page, hopefully site navigation will be better. As I search for more interesting products I have latched onto the Trends Audio tube/mosfet hybrid headphone/linestage amp and their very popular digital tri-path amplifiers. Click here to go.

Shure Earphones
Shure earphones deliver the incredible sound and performance that ear buds and other headphones can't. Don't go In Ear without them. SCL Sound Isolating™ Earphone models (SCL2, SCL3, SCL4, SCL5) use award-winning earphone technology from Shure and include a variety of fittings and a carrying case. Click here to go.

KAB PS-1200
With the US energy Conservation act of 2007 in full force now, more pressure is coming to bear with respect to power supply design, particularly efficiency. I have completed a redesign of the PS-1200 that will use a very efficient switching power supply. But it doesn't stop there; the real work was designing the storage and filter device. What emerged is a standalone conditioner that features full EMI choke filtering, 4000uf of storage and a very special dynamic shunt noise regulator. What you get is a source of voltage that is substantially quieter than our previous design, in fact quieter than any design using any version of the LM317. Plus, eliminating the toroid transformer, should lower cost and eliminate yet another source of audible EMF. The power switch sensing circuit will be retained. This new supply should be ready in about 6 weeks.

Mar 12, 2009
KAB DiscSweep
The KAB DiscSweep brush is back. Now in a nice antistatic handle. You can use it wet or dry on Vinyl and 78's. The fibres are a mix of Goat hair and Thunderon, an antistatic nylon. Now in stock and listed on the main record cleaner page. Click here to go.

Jan 28, 2009
Vintage Stanton Carts
I just received a few Stanton 981HZS and 981XLZ cartridge bodies. The HZ is a high output MM, the XLZ is a low output MM. I also have 2 complete HSZ cartridges. I need to fully inspect these and will then make them available on the stanton hi fi page specials sub section. the bodies will be paired with our NOS D3000E styli.

Jan 4, 2009
SL-1200 Power Supply Controversy
Just as there was lots of criticism of the '1200 arms before they were rewired and fluid damped, now there seems to be a new focus on the 1200's internal voltage regulator: A textbook 3 transistor slow start circuit that maintains the operating voltage at 21VDC at a runnung current of 259mA. You know, I did all this research years ago, so when I first looked at this UK site's data, I thought they had something, but I have looked closer and can now comment more intelligently.

A UK website is showing 'scope photos suggesting that the load regulation of this circuit is somehow unacceptable. I feel I have to point out a big error with this conclusion. It's so obvious when you study the numbers: Their data is not the showing the motor current at all, it is showing the strobe lamp current! Just look at the repitition rate, it is symetrical 10ms(100hz). Motor currents pulse at a very slow rate(1.65 Hz). If the motor was pulsing at 100 hz, like their 'scope photo shows, the motor would be humming along at some 2,000 rpm(100/3x60)! And it can't be ripple from the main capacitor either for that waveform would not be symetrical like they show. It is so easy to mis read data when you are expecting a certain result in advance. We see this done with tonearm resonance flexure plots as well as harmonic distortion plots. It is always important to actually "run the numbers" to get the true impact. It also helps to know what you are looking at.
Installing an outboard PS after the internal regulator may reduce the strobe artifact, but disabling the strobe itself is a better solution for then, the noise source EMF no longer exists.

The internal regulator responds very well to motor load currents, but is not "fast" enough to completely extinguish the strobe lamp currents. However, note that it is doing quite a good job as the regulation is still only 0.05% of the 21VDC operating voltage. When I saw this in my own research, I saw a much more cost effective solution to it: our SX-1200 Strobe disabler circuit completely removes this artifact and EMF at a very low cost. Because while you may only see 10mV RMS on the 21V main rail, on the other side of an isolation resistor, you have 16VP-P which produces yet another EMF field. The only way to remove it is to disable the current path to the strobe LED's.

I could have designed the PS-1200 to connect after this regulator, but it is well known that 2 regulators are better than one, providing much greater isolation. It is easier to deal with the strobe artifact by disconnecting the strobe itself. And I believe the slow start function of the internal regulator plays a role in reliable start up of the motor. The main issues to solve in the 1200 power supply are to eliminate all sources of AC EMF's and eliminate the large mains ripple current on the main board. Our PS-1200 in concert with the SX-1200 provides a better overall solution than a single regulator IC.

I also felt that a consumer product should be easy to install and be free from causing disaster if installed improperly. Since the PS-1200 is installed ahead of the bridge rectifier, it is polarity insensitive making it easy for anyone to install with confidence. A power supply directly connected to the main board, if connected backwards, would completely wipe out every IC on the board and who knows what else. There is also the issue of overvoltage protection. If the direct connect supply should exceed 25V, the potential for circuit failure is huge. Circuits connected here should have polarity protection and overvoltage protection(crowbar) so as not to reduce the reliability of the turntable.

Our goal was to remove all vestiges of AC currents from the 1200 and to pre regulate the incomming DC for added stability. The PS-1200 does that and more. The SX-1200 strobe disabler will remove that pesky strobe artifact. As always, feel free to contact me if you need more info.

I appreciate all of your support throughout 2008 and look forward to 2009.

2 new products from Rolls are here, the CT1 cable tester and the GCi404 Audio Computer Interface.


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