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Technics SL-QD33 Fully Automatic Turntable

These are robust and very reliable turntables, but as time goes by, they will require service. This page will be updated as issues are encountered and corrected.

1. Automatic arm motion is not working properly.

A recurring problem is the tonearm not returning all the way to the rest but instead stopping short.The problem is usually related to the tonearm return spring. There is a molded plastic peice in the center of the tonearm that holds this spring in place and also holds the anti skate spring as well. Return spring tension causes this molded plastic peice to break. In the set we worked on, the return spring was missing. You may get lucky and find the spring. the green arrow in the first picture below shows where the spring goes . To repair the broken molded plastic peice, I sanded the plastic to level it and epoxied a small #4 washer into place, The washer keeps the return spring from popping off and the anti skate spring as well. Since our spring was missing, and attempts to get one did not succeed, I made a spring from a guitar string. Pretty easy to do and it worked perfectly.

The cueing lifter is another area where grease was used in a place where it did not belong. spray clean, get working smoothly, and put a drop of spindle oil on the shaft.

Service manual is available at www.vinylengine.com


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