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KAB Custom Technics 1200's

Preowned Technics Belt Drives

One of a Kind
All SL-1200's
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Everywhere you look now you see inexpensive
record players. Be careful, most of these have
very short tonearms that do not follow good
geometry. Ok perhaps for playing old battered
45's, but not for playing records you treasure.

In a digital world where speed variations
and resonance are non existent,
the turntable has a harder job then ever
before to meet the same standard. 

KAB modded Technics 1200's represent
great value while acheiving lab grade
performance and reliability. This is a true
audiophile turntable.

New KAB refurbished preowned Technics semi-
automatic belt drive turntables offer hi end
performance at a fraction of ths cost.

       Please use caution when purchasing 
             your next turntable!
- Stylus Force Gauge
- Turntable Belts
- 7 Inch 45 Adapters
- DJ Straight Arm
Take The Technics SL-1200 Factory Tour

Why your last 'table should be a KAB modded 1200!
'1200 PARTS

Audiophile Turntables
Preowned Technics
Belt Drive Turntables
KAB Custom 1200's
Techncis SL-BDxx Only169.00
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W/Rolls VP29 Phono Preamp
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Vinyl Cover

Nicely stitched translucent vinyl cover
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KAB BROADCAST STANDARD Please Visit the Custom 1200 Page
Had your fill of cheap turntables? These preowned Technics belt drives are very hi quality. KAB carefully inspects, cleans, relubes and completely tests each unit.
Each turntable is carefully packed into new boxes. then double boxed and shipped to you. The optional extra phono preamp will be required to connect to a computer or stereo lacking a phono input.

The reason we chose these 'tables is simple, they are the best semi auto's ever made in their price class and Technics still provides parts for service. That means we can restore and maintain factory performance.
Read More....
The world's favorite turntable was discontinued
Dec 7, 2010.
Over one million were made. It remains the only turntable that can truly be called a lab standard.
You can send us your 1200 for a variety of enhancements. 16 RPM, 78 RPM, and a variety of Audiophile Mods.
Visit the custom page link above for more information. You can read about the Modding Process by clicking here.

One Of A Kind Deals
Preowned Technics
Preowned Technics
Catalog Photo Only
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Catalog Photo Only
The SL-BD35 is a fully automatic belt drive.
This model starts and returns automatically. Has a auto repeat function.
Tonearm is all metal and features Technics hi quality gimbal bearings.
Cosmetically in very good condition. Fully restored by us. Dust cover shows wear but is complete, no cracks. A vinyl cover will be included. Includes Audio Technica cartridge with new stylus and audio cables. If you are looking for a fully automatic turntable, this SL-BD35 could be worth your consideration.
Like all KAB refurbished Technics, the table will be professionaly packed and double boxed using all new boxes.
Pictures above are from catalogs.
The SL-DD22 is a semi automatic direct drive.
This model returns automatically. Features Technics coreless brushless quartz locked direct drive motor technology.
Tonearm is all metal and features Technics hi quality gimbal bearings.
Cosmetically in very good condition. Fully restored by us. Dust cover shows wear but is complete, no cracks. A vinyl cover will be included. Includes AT Cartridge with new stylus and audio cable.
Like all KAB refurbished Technics, the table will be professionaly packed and double boxed using all new boxes.
Pictures above are from catalogs.

Thank You For Choosing KAB
  • Do I really need 78 RPM speed?
    This is probably the last turntable you will buy. It is not however, the end of your record playing days! Your hobby interests could easily take you into an area where you will need to be able to play historic material. This is why many of our record players include this speed.
  • What is the purpose of variable speed?
    Variable speed is useful for modifying pitch, or to bring an older record into conformance with a known musical key. Many 78's made before 1926 benefit greatly from this feature.
  • Are different needles required for LP, 45's and 78's?
    Yes. There are two basic groove sizes, 78's are called Standard groove and LP's & 45's are called Micro groove. There is a 4 to 1 difference in stylus size for each groove. It stands to reason that the right size stylus gets the best sound from each groove.
  • What about big 16" diameter transcription recordings?
    Before 1948, these were popular for broadcasting radio programs. Finding a turntable to play them can be difficult.
  • Will your turntables connect to my computer's sound card?
    Maybe. The signal to your sound card must be pre amplified first. If the turntable has a built in preamp then yes, it will directly connect to your sound card. If it does not have a preamp, an outboard preamp would be required.
    You will probably need special cables too, so consult your sound card manual.
  • Will your turntables work with my new stereo?
    Maybe. Look to see if you have a phono input on your new stereo. Many companies have decided to leave out this input thinking that no one plays records anymore! If your new stereo does not have a phono input, you can either choose a turntable with a built in preamp, or purchase an outboard phono preamp separately. You would then use the AUX input on your new stereo.
  • Are cartridges and styli supplied with all your turntables?
    In most cases, yes. The product descriptions will clearly state whether or not cartridges are supplied.
  • Is turntable set up difficult?
    This varies with the model. But basically, the SL-BD20, 22 and 78 are our easiest models since there are no tonearm adjustments. On the other models, the tonearm is the only critical area. You will need to balance the arm and then set the tracking force. Instructions show exactly how to do this and you can always call us for assistance. It's really quite easy to do.
  • Are 220V models available?
    Some models are available with export voltages. Prices may be higher for these. Please contact us for more info.

What's On This Page? INFORMATION
Thank You For Choosing KAB

Record Player: Generic term for a record player.

Variable Speed: Player speed can be adjusted. Good for matching beat or key signature.

T4P : A fixed tonearm design requireing no adjustments for proper operation.

Turntable: A manual record player. You start the record and cue the needle at the end of the record.

Semi Automatic: You start the record but the tonearm cues and returns automatically at the end of the record.

Fully Automatic: Record begins playing at the touch of a button and shuts off automatically.

Record Changer: This is a fully automatic record player that also lets you take a stack of records and play them in succession.

Phonograph: This is a fully self contained record player with its own speakers and controls.

Turntable Specifications
A Primer On Basic And Advanced Turntable Specifications
Turntable Drive Methods
A Historic Perspective On The Many Ways To Turn A Turntable
Turntable Set Up
A Basic Primer On Setting Up A Turntable and Tonearm.

Thank You For Choosing KAB

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